I recently designed a website for new company named Altula, which is the international distributor of OrgPlus.

Altula, is a new company that was formed to serve as the international distributor of OrgPlus, the best-selling organizational charting and planning software. They required a website that would explain their product line and provide easy access to download and purchase options.

It seems that everyone these days wants to incorporate some sort of visual reference to clouds,  and for good reason. If you’re a software or technology company, the chances are that cloud based networking has changed the way you do business and provide services to your customers. It’s important to make it clear to your audience that you a part of this trend. Cloud related images also work very well because they are engaging and powerful without limiting themselves to a particular demographic. For this website I opted to join the crowd rather than try to swim upstream.

Rather than work with cutesy cloud icons I incorporated a band of blue with peripheral clouds and a sunburst that peeks in. This band serves as a rich note of color while the remainder of the page is devoted to presenting content in a clean uncluttered space.

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