Vector People Illustrations

Here are a couple examples of how my stock collection of vector people can be modified and incorporated in to custom illustrations.
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Company Board Meeting

Ok, this is just for fun and doesn’t actually have much of anything to do with business.

Some how my 7 year old daughter has turned in to a pretty good little skateboarder. It’s her favorite thing to do so I spend more time hanging out at skateparks than I would have ever imagined. Occasionally I like to make a complete fool of myself by trying to keep up with her. I decided it was time to have my own board and that I should design it myself. Here it is, my own company branded skateboard. It includes subtle(ha!) instances of my DS logo and a design element that references color swatches.

Here’s Zoe putting the board together for me:
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Deck and custom printing from BoardPusher

All components purchased from Skate Warehouse

Found in Print

My friend Sarah recently noticed my shot of Clark Weber skiing at Heavenly on the cover of Fearn’s 2010 Ski Lake Tahoe Ad Rates Guide. Read more

What’s New

I recently designed a website for new company named Altula, which is the international distributor of OrgPlus.


I partnered with Langtech as the designer for a fresh new overhaul of the VeloSF website.

Hungry Owl Project

I was thrilled to have the chance develop a new website design for a great cause in The Hungry Owl Project



Web Design